(This is the only photo of melons you should be sending!)

Ladies, if you think showing your melons will land you the right man, rethink your approach. One of the many ways we screw it up when it comes to looking for love…

While spending the last few days with an exceptionally wonderful, eligible bachelor in Florida’s Gold Coast who recently hired me to help him find love, I immediately experienced firsthand the very reason for his despair and concern when it came to finding the love of his life.

As a handsome, respected, successful physician renowned worldwide for his work, this man was far from desperate when it came to attracting women. Instead, he found himself in a position of disheartening overwhelm, with hundreds of single, successful, educated, beautiful women, who made it clear they wanted “him”, and yet most hadn’t experienced even one conversation with him.

You see, they thought their ‘beauty’ was enough.

What could possibly be the issue you ask?


As we sat together with his Match.com and Jdate accounts open, these women were coming in left and right. Not only claiming before ever having met that “he was the one for them” just based upon his picture and profile (which none truly could have known if it was authentically him or not, or instead a convicted rapist or abuser), but the moment he responded with any form of interest, not only was their personal telephone number immediately shared, but seconds later, so were very sadly, photos of them bearing their breasts and naked bodies (from head to hoo-haw).

“What are these women thinking?” he asked.

“What could possibly make them think that this is an asset that would make me want to get to know them any further?”

“If these photos have been sent to me so easily, how many other men have these been sent to?”

“Kailen, this is what I’m dealing with and it breaks my heart.”

Would this have been fun or interesting for him in his teens or 20’s? Possibly. But when it comes to a genuine, wonderful man and soul looking for real love, this does nothing but dumb it down and the very opportunity for what could be two good souls to connect.

So, women, I’m not saying to be a prude, but you do need to love yourself – enough to know that your true value, asset, especially the value that you would deserve a good man to recognize, and honor, must come from the greatness in the beauty of your mind, your heart, your soul, your passion, your values, the way you live your life.

As I sit having met thousands of wonderful singles around the world with access to many more thousands, with a heart and passion to bring this world and everyone in it true love, this certainly doesn’t help the quest.

Bottom line, if you are looking for real love, start honoring and valuing yourself now, so that true love can show up.

It’s yours, waiting to happen.