Living in a world that is filled with the superficial and guided primarily by the ego, we all still desperately seek (on one level or another), to find and experience true love. Our quest from the time we are young is to find our perfect person to fall madly in love with, perhaps have a family with, to grow old with until our days on this earth are done. We seek – we find – we typically screw it up, we get hurt and most often close ourselves off in one way or another, rarely looking at the truth of why the love we so desire is not ours. Most of us say that “if we just found the right one, all will be good”, however, what we have failed to understand is that perhaps we haven’t yet “found” ‘us’, who we truly are.

It is in ‘us’, that true beauty begins.

The way we love ourselves (ego vs. soul), is shown on our faces, in our actions, in all that we do, and it is either beautiful, frightening, or downright ugly. Which one are you?

In these past months, as I interviewed hundreds of wonderful, soulful, successful men around the world, a new trend of sadness and discord was made obvious, as each and every one of the men shared how difficult it is today to truly find a “beautiful” woman. It’s not that these men were overly superficial, or that spiritually deep and profound, although yes, some were – it was that they each expressed that “to find a woman that is naturally just ‘her’, instead of a filled up pulled tight nipped and tucked ‘mannequin version’ that looks like all the rest“, is almost impossible to find.

Many of these men humbly realized that some of their own ego behaviors, along with buying into the media’s airbrushed manipulation of what constitutes a beautiful face and body, has caused what now leaves them with deep sorrow and regret, meeting women who all look like Stepford Wives.

These men so desperately crave the beauty that resides within a woman who ‘knows’ that her true beauty (flaws and all), comes from her story, her wit, her heart, her intelligence, her unique quirks, her passion. A woman who takes great joy and pride in aging with grace, who has healthy self-love, and not self judgement. A woman who knows that just to be alive, surrounded by those she loves is of the greatest value.

So for all of you who are looking for ‘the one’, that perfect person for you, know that the greatest beauty and love you will ever see and experience, is met through the soul. When you meet you will see it in their eyes (not merely through ‘chemistry’), you will feel it through the genuineness of their smile, their actions, their treatment of others. You will see it through the way they show up with grace and humility in this precious life when seeking true love.

That my dear friend, is the one you want. That, is your perfect person.