The Love Happy Hour Podcast

Why Love at Thanksgiving Went Wrong:

Kailen Rosenberg discusses what an ‘uncooked’ Turkey actually means when it comes to your love life (and your family). Learn the recipe to have a tasty, perfectly cooked Turkey next year!

Join Celebrity Love Architect, relationship expert, and author, Kailen Rosenberg and friends for a fun, live, and entertaining podcast with out-of-the-box, life-changing advice that will shift everything you ever thought you knew about love!

Welcome to The Love Happy Hour® podcast show! With an Andy Cohen clubhouse vibe, guest comedians, bartenders, and some of the world’s most profound experts in healing, beauty, wellness, and design. This live podcast experience makes for a fun date night out, or a great night out with a friend to bring your love life to a whole new level.

Through a wide range of topics, advice, and opinions on everything from headline news to skin regimens to politics to celebrity escapades, Buddha and God to cucumbers to epic dating fails to rescuing a marriage, host Kailen Rosenberg is no-holds-barred when it comes to any topic and has no qualms getting deep and very real.

Growing up as a flower child between her free-spirited mother on hippy communes, and her traditional grandparents, and known for her work with Oprah bringing two Georgia towns together through the power of love, Kailen is also known for spending time with and working on the love lives of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, this powerhouse, (usually!) blissfully married woman, expresses a deep passion to help others and this world find and experience true love.

Viewers get the skinny on Kailen’s must-have recommendations for all types of products, services, or even travel destinations that will revamp your love life. This live show offers callers the opportunity to vent about real-life challenges, seek advice on beauty and self-image, or ask relationship questions to which Kailen gives helpful on-the-spot advice designed to change their lives.

You’ll also get to see respected experts and celebrities pop onto the show and dish their experiences of love and on-point advice.

So grab your favorite cocoa, IPA, or Chardonnay, and come join Kailen for some juicy convo on the airwaves!

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Dec. 15th, 2021


Doors open 6:45pm, CST

No entry after 7:00pm



$45 – All proceeds will be donated to Ronald McDonald House



AH Club
2900 Thomas Ave.
Suite T101
Minneapolis, MN 55416

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