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You are about to embark on a journey that will lead you to the love and mate you’ve always desired! 

We at THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® do things differently from other top elite and professional dating and matchmaking services, especially when it comes to representing and matchmaking the world’s most evolved and successful singles.  Using a trademarked, transformative methodology along with almost three decades of proven results to introduce educated and enlightened singles, we are deeply committed to bringing every client who comes to us a love that is deep, profound, and most importantly that lasts. 

Our truly life-changing programs are highly personalized and customized, preparing each client for healthy love while introducing them to exceptional, relationship-ready singles.  The LOVE ARCHITECTS’ programs are also ongoing, providing elite coaching and support throughout each elite single client’s love and relationship journey.  From dating to engagement to marriage, along with all of the wonderful and rich dynamics that occur in life, our clients appreciate the expertise and care provided throughout their entire Love Design® representation experience.

The LOVE ARCHITECTS’ extensive and proprietary global database of elite and successful singles along with a highly regarded relationship as experts, working with the press worldwide allows us to successfully match our clients with the most coveted selection of evolved and elite single men and women who are intelligent, soulful, and ready to create a true and lasting partnership.

We dig into the soul

As Master Love and Life Architects, Love  Designers®, and elite matchmakers, The Love Architects’ highly enlightening and transformative dating and Love Design® process begins by uncovering the nuances of their clients’ authentic selves in addition to the way they view, express, and experience love. 

The Love Architects ability to see deeply into each client and teach them to do the same is one of the most profound features that set THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® apart in bringing success to their clients’ love lives.


Kailen and Andrew

When it comes to elite matchmaking and dating, THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® CEO & founder Kailen Rosenberg and CEO & co-founder of AH Love Design® Andrew Hanson each bring an exceptional level of experience, insight, passion, and dedication to your love search.  Having successfully matched thousands of singles into thriving and happy, long lasting relationships, this world-renowned mother-and-son love duo bring real love to professional, enlightened singles around globe. 

find love WITH KAILEN rosenberg

Love Design Assessment® & Custom Love+Life Blueprint®



Experience the renowned trademarked interview, assessment, and blueprint that captures the soulful, spiritual, and psychological truth of who you are when it comes to life, love, dating, and relationships – most importantly, the kind of mate you are, the kind of mate you attract (and why), and the kind of mate you deserve.

Kailen Rosenberg’s trademarked process was designed using her profound insight and over 25 years of expertise to capture the truth of who you are when it comes to love.  It also gives you a deep revelation into why the kind of love and partner you deserve has eluded you – until now.  This comprehensive assessment is the foundational step that supports and guides you along with Kailen in selecting the best representation program to find your perfect mate.

Each elite Love Design® program detailed below includes an insightful in-depth Home Love Design® visit, a Home Love+Life Blueprint®, a custom Love Shopping® excursion, and a custom blueprint of your perfect mate.  This specialized process helps guide you to your perfect partner and construct the love life you’ve always deserved.

Elite Love Design®



Work one-on-one with founder Kailen Rosenberg, whose world-renowned process and extraordinary understanding of soulmates, and even more importantly Life Mates®, makes Kailen one of the most sought-after relationship experts and top elite matchmakers in the world.  Kailen’s profound methodology, intuition, astute matchmaking, and Master coaching abilities, along with her schooling in spiritual psychology, love, and addictions provide passionate and focused on-going guidance throughout each client’s Love Design® process as she hand-selects and thoroughly vets each match to find the partner you deserve!

All Love Design® programs with Kailen begin at $5,000 and can range to $250,000+.  Each elite program is customized based upon each client’s individual needs, desires, and location.

Elite Love Design®



This comprehensive personalized search covers the entire country and globe to find your one perfect love – and it does!  Kailen Rosenberg and her renowned A-list celebrity Love Design® team of experts work by your side and on your behalf through local, national, and international press and social media, along with a trade-secret process designed to find your true Life Mate®.  Throughout this luxury elite matchmaking process you will work with some of the world’s top experts in areas such as wellness, beauty, fashion, spirituality, home design, and more!  This bespoke dating experience pampers you as you prepare to meet your true love.

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All Love Design® programs with Kailen begin at $5,000 and can range to $250,000+.  Each elite program is customized based upon each client’s individual needs, desires, and location.


AH Love Design Assessment® 
& Interview



For single professionals, Andrew’s personalized approach to THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® trademarked assessment captures the soulful and psychological truth of who you are when it comes to dating and relationships and why the love and partner you desire haven’t shown up – until now.

Following a deep-dive assessment and the selection of your preferred Love Design® program, Andrew will guide you in constructing the love life you deserve and the partner you desire by completing an in-depth personal Love + Life Blueprint®, Home Love Design® visit, individualized Home Love Design Blueprint®, a custom Love Shopping® excursion with tutorial, and a custom blueprint of your perfect mate.

All Love Design® programs with Andrew begin at $15,000 and can range to $50,000+.  Each elite program is customized based upon each client’s individual needs, desires, and location.

AH Executive Love Design® 



After completing your private interview, assessment, and blueprints, Andrew will guide you through our signature matchmaking method. Included in this AH Love Design® program are ‘up to’ three carefully hand-selected matches, who will align with who you are and most importantly what you need for extraordinary love to happen.  Each match is thoughtfully chosen by Andrew from within our private database of successful, fully-vetted, relationship-ready singles.  As a client, you’ll gain exclusive access to AH private events along with monthly check-ins, coaching, and personal feedback from Andrew throughout your program representation  (Additional event fees apply.)

Signature AH Love Design® 



This highly sought-after Signature AH Love Design® program includes all of the attributes that make The Love Architects the most successful in the dating and matchmaking industry when it comes to bringing true love to their clientele. During this program enjoy ‘up to’ five carefully hand-selected matches by Andrew based upon all that has been learned through your custom blueprint and Love Design® experience. Each customized match is thoughtfully chosen from within our private database of fully-vetted, successful, relationship-ready singles and include photos of each match.  As a Signature client you’ll gain exclusive access to AH’s private social club and events along with weekly check-ins, coaching, and detailed personal feedback throughout your program representation.  (Additional, discounted event fees apply.)

Elite AH Love Design® 



This luxury Love Design® experience includes an in-depth personal Love + Life Blueprint®, a Home Love Design® visit, an individualized Home Love Design Blueprint®, a custom Love Shopping® excursion, and a custom blueprint of your perfect mate.  In addition to monthly success meetings, you will attend a “shadow date” with Andrew to prepare before going out with future partners.  As your private Love Designer®, Andrew will provide thoughtful feedback and coaching throughout your entire Love Design® process.  You will also receive a custom love portfolio (including photos and bios) of ‘up to’ ten hand-selected matches from our in-house, national, and international database of fully vetted, highly successful, relationship-ready singles.  As an Elite AH Love Design® client, you will be privy to private invitations to coveted events throughout the year along with a private consultation and service of your choice with up to two members of THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® celebrity expert global Love Design® team.  (Certain additional event and hourly fees may apply.)

Elite Love Design® Global Search with Andrew Hanson & Kailen Rosenberg 



This highly bespoke luxury Love Design® experience includes all of the offerings available in the Elite AH Love Design® and Elite Love Architects program. In addition to a personalized love search that combines both matching from within our private database of elite and professional singles, as well as  a proprietary trademarked search process that covers the globe, locally, nationally, and/or internationally to find your one true love.  In addition, you will receive a custom love portfolio (with photos and bios) of unlimited hand-selected matches by founder Kailen Rosenberg and Andrew Hanson, allowing for the highly intuitive, sought after Yin and Yang experience of both experts. This program includes ‘up to’ 20 fully-vetted, highly compatible, relationship-ready singles.  (‘Up to’ 20 hand-selected matches are included in this Elite Love Design® Custom Search, with unlimited matches at an additional per match fee. Certain additional event fees may apply.)

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*All Elite Love® Design programs and fees may be customized based upon client’s location and desires (travel and accommodations for THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® and its staff not included)


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