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As a respected and revered industry leader in elite dating, relationships, and matchmaking for almost three decades, THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® brings a trademarked foundational blueprint to introduce you to your perfect partner and an amazing love life!  Based on science, academics, and a deep understanding of the human spirit, this proven methodology allows you to experience the love and relationship you’ve always desired!


We dig into the soul

As Master Love and Life Designers®, life coaches, and elite matchmakers, THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® and its founder Kailen Rosenberg are endorsed by the world’s top experts in psychology, spirituality, beauty, design, academics, and more.  The Love Architects’ enlightened dating and Love Design® process begins by uncovering the nuances of our clients’ authentic selves and the way they view, express, and experience love.  Our ability to see deeply into our clients and teach them to do the same is one of the most profound features that set THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® apart in bringing success to our clients’ love lives. 


AT THE LOVE ARCHITECTS®, We don’t just know you. We know Love.


Our clients are successful, evolved, deeply passionate about life, and most importantly, passionate about finding lasting love with an extraordinary partner.

We are here to introduce you to that extraordinary love!


When it comes to love, THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® is the world’s first and only love and life design firm that not only introduces extraordinary singles to their perfect partner but also builds, remodels, and redesigns the marriages and families of some of the world’s most elite and influential people, including celebrities, politicians, billionaires, and prominent CEO’s.  No other elite dating or matchmaking firm can compete with the access, experience, and reputation of THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® when it comes to building successful love lives.  Our mission comes from our deep-seated passion for changing the world through the power of love, one individual, family, and community at a time.

For our successful and discerning single female clientele, most companies in the dating and matchmaking service industry unfortunately have a difficult time not just finding and securing single men but men of quality who are love and commitment-ready.  That is not the case for us… We at THE LOVE ARCHITECTS are not only known for our exceptional database of extraordinary single men but also proud of the respect we’ve earned by treating these amazing men with dignity rather than as commodities.  When matching our clients, we value everyone’s needs, whether you’re our client or not.

For our extraordinary single male clients, we are proud to represent the most intelligent, successful, naturally beautiful, down-to-earth, enlightened single women seeking their wonderful counterpart with whom to run through life.

It’s time for extraordinary love…

Meet Our Love Architects

Kailen Rossenberg

Kailen Rosenberg

Master Love Architect®, CEO, and Founder of THE LOVE ARCHITECTS®

Endorsed by the world’s most respected experts in academia, psychology, relationships, and dating, Kailen Rosenberg is in the world to make a difference!  For almost three decades, Kailen has been passionately devoted to helping others find and experience real love  – beginning with themselves.  She is a Master Certified love, life, and relationship coach and a gifted intuitive with specialized training in spiritual psychology, love addiction, and relationships.  Kailen has helped thousands of people around the world find love, mend personal relationships, break addictions, and repair marriages.  She is a renowned celebrity relationship expert, elite matchmaker, and respected author of the book Real Love, Right Now (Simon & Schuster).  She is the CEO and founder of THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® and the host of The Love Happy Hour podcast.  With a proven method for healing while strengthening the power of the mind, body, and spirit, Kailen helps people from hometowns to Hollywood gain a healthy new outlook on love and life.  Her success is rooted in the belief and mission that building loving, healthy relationships leads to a healthy and more loving world.  Kailen is a regular contributor to and has been featured in more than 1000 print, online, radio, and television interviews.  She is also the creator of the Real Reveal® love compatibility test endorsed by Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly-Hunt.

Andrew Hanson

Andrew Hanson

President & Lead Love Designer® of THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® and CEO & Co-founder of AH Love Design®

Andrew Hanson is a certified Master Love Designer®, CEO, and co-founder of AH Love Design®.  He has spent more than a decade working alongside Kailen throughout the world, interviewing and dissecting the unique truths of singles and why they have yet to experience the love and partner they desire.  Andrew studied business ethics with a focus on positive psychology and communications at DePaul University.  As Kailen’s son, he has inherited her compassion, intuition, and gift at matchmaking when working with his clients.  He has successfully matched over one hundred happy couples and is now running the AH Love Design division of the company, specializing in introducing and coaching today’s young single professionals.  Utilizing their special bond and intuitive talent for matchmaking, Andrew and Kailen work closely as a team to provide a successful experience for their clients.

Just as you would hire the best architectural and design firm to build your dream home, of course you would only do the same when designing and building your love life!