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 Endorsed by the world’s most acclaimed experts in love, dating, psychology, spirituality, and relationships – internationally renowned for its holistic approach to introducing enlightened and elite singles into true and lasting marriages, THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® methodology brings unparalleled success to the love lives of evolved and intelligent singles around the globe, teaching successful singles how to have the love they deserve in a thoughtful, professional, and affordable way.

Today, The Love Architects is recognized as the go-to experts in the elite matchmaking and dating industry when it comes to an unparalleled level of love life success and value. 

Through a 27+ year trademarked process and foundational blueprint, helping connect extraordinary singles to their most authentic self and their true life partner, this coveted methodology and thoughtful dive into what makes love and relationships work, makes The Love Architects a highly respected and groundbreaking innovator and industry leader in holistic dating, relationships, and elite matchmaking, based on love, science, academics, and a deep understanding of the human spirit. This top matchmaking agency (The Love Architects) proven methodology, allows successful and enlightened singles to experience the love and relationship they’ve always desired.


When it comes to love and healthy relationships, the Love Architects is the world’s first and only Love and Life design firm renowned for its coaching, healing, and introducing extraordinary, eligible, professional singles, to their perfect partner, while also specializing in working within the dating and matchmaking industry to build, remodel, restore and re-design the matchmaking world to help matchmakers work successfully within the love lives of some of the world’s most elite and influential singles.

The Love Architects passion, unrivaled experience, success, and mission, comes from a deep seeded goal to heal and change the world through the power of love.

It’s time for you to experience extraordinary love…

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Celebrity Love Architect®, relationship expert, elite matchmaker, dating and matchmaking global industry trainer and advisor, and author of Real Love, Right Now (Simon & Schuster)

Endorsed by the world’s most respected experts in dating, psychology, spirituality, relationships, and more, Kailen Rosenberg is in the world to make a difference.  For almost three decades, Kailen has been passionately devoted to helping others find and experience real love  – beginning with themselves.  She is a DBT trained and Certified Master love, life, and relationship coach and a gifted intuitive with specialized training in spiritual psychology, love addiction, and relationships.  Kailen has helped thousands of singles around the world find love, mend personal relationships, break addictions, and repair marriages.  She is a renowned industry leader and innovator, celebrity relationship expert, elite matchmaker, and respected author of the book Real Love, Right Now (Simon & Schuster).  She is the founder of THE LOVE ARCHITECTS® and the host of The Love Happy Hour podcast.  With a proven method for healing while strengthening the power of the mind, body, and spirit, Kailen helps people from hometowns to Hollywood gain a healthy new outlook on love and life.  Her success is rooted in the belief and mission that building loving, healthy relationships leads to a healthy and more loving world.  Kailen is a regular contributor to and has been featured in more than 1000 print, online, radio, and television interviews.  She is also the creator of the Real Reveal® love compatibility test endorsed by Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly-Hunt, she is the founder and CEO of Kai-len, an elite VIP matchmaking and life coaching agency, and My Love Design By Kai-len, the worlds first and only online dating, lifestyle, and wellness platform for extraordinary singles seeking a self guided, transformational and healing process, with a private invite-only, online dating club of extraordinary singles.

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Hehmi serves as the Operations and Global Client Relations Manager for The Love Architects, demonstrating a profound commitment to fostering positive change in the world through the transformative influence of love. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Business Management with a minor in Psychology from Southeastern University. Additionally, Hehmi is the proprietor of Courage Sport Horses LLC, an enterprise based in Nashville, Tennessee, where she is engaged in the acquisition, training, competition, and sale of elite imported sport horses.

Her professional pursuits extend beyond her roles at The Love Architects and Courage Sport Horses. Hehmi finds fulfillment in the company of her husband and newborn daughter.

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Kristi, a University of Minnesota graduate with degrees in Economics and studio arts, embarked on her professional journey with a marketing/client relationship role at Northwest Airlines. Following this, she dedicated time to raising her three children – two sons and a daughter. During their formative years, Kristi, alongside her close friend Stephanie, ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing a respected boutique in furnishings and design. Later, their entrepreneurial spirit and the success of this venture led them to the world of custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry-making, resulting in the currently successful jewelry brand, farahbean. Kristi’s jewelry design business has not only showcased her artistic talents but has also opened up unparalleled opportunities to connect with a diverse array of individuals in luxury, design, and the fashion industry.

Through her work, she has had the privilege of meeting people from various walks of life, developing meaningful relationships, and expanding her professional network on a global scale, leading her to a space that allows her to match clients through The Love Architects with thoughtful ability and success.

Years ago, Kristi and Kailen’s paths crossed through a friend and former client of Kailen. During a challenging time in Kristi’s life, following the loss of a loved one, where Kristi was seeking guidance and healing, her life-changing experience with Kailen’s coaching and process led her to become a strong advocate and supporter of the Kailen Rosenberg brand. Later, she joined forces with Kailen as the now Lead Love Designer of The Love Architects in addition to working by Kailen’s side with her elite and global clients, bringing love and healing to the world.

What sets Kristi apart are her exceptionally thoughtful, graceful, and intuitive people skills, business prowess, and meticulous attention to detail. Serving as a walking testimonial to Kailen’s impactful work, Kristi has seamlessly connected with individuals from diverse corners of the globe. Her ability to build relationships and navigate various professional landscapes makes her a standout team member on Kailen’s dynamic team.

  Just as you would only hire the best architect and design firm to build your dream home, you should only do the same when designing and building your love life! Especially when seeking the right partner with whom you run through life.