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Kailen Rosenberg’s proactive guidebook will help you uncover the things that have prevented you from finding real, authentic love.  Through the book’s physical, mental, and spiritual self-appraisal, you’ll learn more about yourself, which will give you a great understanding of who you are and the kind of love you’re looking for.  Going through this process will help you become relationship-ready; it will also present a step-by-step, 30-day plan that can lead you to authentic love.

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With over 500 marriages to her credit and many marriages and families saved, Kailen Rosenberg is living proof that love and faith can overcome any kind of challenge.  Her methods are straightforward – with unique exercises such as self-appraisals, Love+Life Blueprints®, and Love Shopping®.  These methods are all rooted in a spiritual understanding of love, which she sees as our highest calling.  Real Love, Right Now helps you put bad dating habits aside so you can figure out what really matters and find the partner who is truly right for you.

“It is no secret that Kailen Rosenberg knows the secrets of love.
Now she shares them with everyone.”

– Keith Ablow, MD, psychiatrist, Fox News Medical A-Team

“Kailen teaches us how to love ourselves, open our hearts, and therefore attract true love into our lives. A truly enlightening book that is a must-read for anyone seeking their soulmate.”

– Alana Stewart, actress, television host, and New York Times bestselling author

“Kailen Rosenberg shares our passion and vision of a world filled with happy and healthy relationships. One single, one couple, one family at a time. Kailen is a visionary with an extraordinary ability to help singles self-reflect and find the perfect love match – the recipe for real love.”

– Drs. Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt, world-renowned therapists and bestselling authors

Astute and well articulate

A relationship coach and Oprah-certified “Love Ambassador,”: Rosenberg presents a 3O-day plan for finding your soul mate through faith in God, self-awareness, and healing wounds from one’s childhood and failed relationships. Before you can find a perfect match, she explains, you must embrace self-respect, reject the ego, take accountability for your actions, and commit to God’s plan. “Love Life Blueprints” will help you self-assess as well as pinpoint the qualities you seek in a potential mate. In working towards the former goal, Rosenberg encourages readers to explore “past relationship patterns” and change the “broken love scripts” that cause dysfunction. For those “still mourning a lost love” or afraid to seek a new relationship, Rosenberg’s theories on “love teachers” are illuminating. She also provides practical tips to improve your look and instructions for making your home a more nurturing environment, and each chapter concludes with a homework assignment (e.g., meditating, journaling, etc.). Liberal readers might balk at some of Rosenberg’s traditional views (such as waiting till marriage to have sex), but for the most part her advice is astute and well articulated.

– Publisher’s Weekly

Changed my life

Reading Real Love Right Now has changed my life. There were so many “aha” moments for me while reading the chapters, relating to the personal stories, and doing the homework. Kailen has great insight. With my newfound awareness, I’m looking forward to true love!!

– Julie P.

Refreshingly direct and full of care

This book was not at all what I expected. I figured it would slant more toward the feminine perspective. That’s not the case. Right off the bat, Kailen directs us to come clean with truth and continue to honor the truth as we cultivate love in all areas of our lives. It’s about my willingness to deal with reality – what’s real. And only I can make this decision and commitment to love and truth. The moment anyone makes this decision is the moment of change. And that moment is available to each of us – right now. She then offers a guide that changed my reality through the wonderful regiment of self care and some remarkably fun to do’s – yes, remarkably fun (Love Shopping). I say all this based on experience. I received an advanced copy and sincerely did the work. I’d recommend this book to anyone, man or woman. Kailen’s experience is distilled into fundamental principles that, I believe, will always work for those willing to do what she suggests.

– Steven D.

A relationship ace

Kailen gets right to the “heart of the matter”…know, honor and love yourself first…and true love with others will follow.  Her book has been both helpful and inspirational as I continue my journey to a “higher” self-love.  I can relate to her personal journey, appreciate her practical tips, and, the exercises at the end of each chapter have challenged me to look “within” for answers.  I’ve already recommended it to my friends…keep up the great work!

– Linda S.

Hard work that's so easy

Kailen is able to cut through the excuses, fears, and challenges of dating by showing how we are really in our own way. I was able to relate to her personal stories and vulnerable insights. While reading the book, I found myself continually stopping to take notes in my journal as I realized how I could change my perspective and open myself up to getting back out there on the dating scene. After reading Real Love, I’m excited for the future and embarking on a journey to find my soul mate.

– Liz D.

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