The Love Collection by Kailen

The Love Collection

Your heart is in her hands, The Love Collection by Kailen, is a private, hand-held leather-bound book that goes everywhere Kailen goes. From Minneapolis to Beverly Hills, NYC to London, Dallas to Dubai, this coveted book holds the names and information of the world‘s most influential and elite single men and women, who are looking and ready for real love.

The Love Collection by Kailen is an extraordinary opportunity for a very select few who are chosen to become Kailen‘s private VIP clients. The exclusivity of this very personal relationship gives the VIP Client access to browse through Kailen’s private book, where you’ll hand-select your potential love-mates with Kailen by your side. You’ll be intuitively guided and coached right there, in the moment, learning about yourself and love— it’s truly a “couture“ experience. Think of it as if you were browsing through Bergdorf’s seasonal look book, where the best for every season reaches an exclusive clientele. Now imagine Kailen as the celebrity designer and manager by your side.

If you are interested in becoming a private member of this highly coveted, invite only referral based membership, please apply here. Pricing available upon request.