After 25 years in the dating and matchmaking industry, it became clear to me that the industry was quite broken. I found that there was far too much focus on the ‘sale’ of a service, rather than the success of each client’s emotional and financial investment. This process keeps singles stuck, not only in bad relationship patterns, but introduced to the wrong partners.

After working with clients, both single and married, I discovered, in order to bring true love to each client’s life, a heightened level of experience and training was necessary. This level of experience would be far beyond what is typically found in today’s mainstream dating and matchmaking services – the ability to properly connect two lives and two souls for a healthy, successful, lifelong relationship. I made it my mission to design a methodology, client experience, and training program that would not only improve the dating industry, but more importantly, bring healthier, happier relationships into the world.

It’s time to invest in YOU and your love life, for real.

In 1997, I created the world’s first Love Design firm, focused on connecting healthy-minded, successful singles. My goal – to heal the world, one happy and successful couple and family at a time. Combining my own personal journey in life and love, along with formal and deeply spiritual training into what, why, and where true love and compatibility comes from, I created what has now become a world-renowned process known as Love Design®, bringing the experience of love in people’s lives to a higher level than ever before. That goal is at the heart of our belief system at Love Architects® by Kailen.

Kailen Rosenberg

If your passion is to make a difference in this world when it comes to love, relationships, and the way the world experiences love, then perhaps it’s time to become a Love Architect®.

If you share our goal, and have a passion for matchmaking and making the world a better place, then perhaps it’s time to join our team. Whether you are interested in working with a Love Designer personally or becoming a Love Designer yourself, there is room to make a difference! Join me, Celebrity Love Architect®, author, and world-renowned relationship expert, through our exclusive Certified Master Love Designer® training program and finally do something you love.